Who am I?

I am an Interactive Developer — I want to engage the user in everything that I build.

Since 1995, I have worked on an incredible range of projects, both as part of a team and as sole producer. These projects have covered many sectors, including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Transportation
  • Farming
  • Biotechnology and Medical
  • Tourism, Sports and Entertainment
  • Communications
  • Information Technology

From multimedia CD-ROMs, to touch-screen kiosks, to web sites, I’ve always aimed to produce a highly interactive experience to actively engage the user in delivering the message.

I am an audio/video editor, with a special focus on computer-delivered video. Premiere, Avid Express and Final Cut Studio are some of the editing tools that I have used over the years. I studied compression techniques at the Digital Media Academy at Stanford University, to bring out the best possible image and sound quality within bandwidth and CPU constraints.

I am a Master Warrant Officer and the Band Sergeant Major for the King’s Own Calgary Regiment Band, and have been awarded the Canadian Decoration, First Clasp for over 22 years of service to Canada. As a senior leader, I have been responsible for many people in different divisions, both in and out of my trade as Musician. The experience I’ve gained in the military is well-applied to project management and team efforts in the public sector.

I am also a musician, arranger and composer. As a percussionist, I play in many bands from dixieland, jazz and dance, to concert bands and chamber ensembles. I have arranged and composed many pieces for these and other groups, and in 1994, was commissioned to write a memorial march for a fallen sailor.

Please explore my web site and see some of the great things I’ve been involved with!

Tools of My Trade

My main tool set includes: