Coding Demos

A list of pages demoing various coding techniques.

I’ve included a number of demos in order to:

  • explain the various code techniques and technologies available to use in a web site
  • explain where and why you’d want to use them
  • provide a small example of my abilities with these technologies

The web is constantly evolving, and so do my skills. Let’s see where we can use them!

Please click on the following links to see each in action.

ExamplesAJAX(more to come!)

What’s in an Acronym?

The interactive world is full of acronyms:

to name just a few. It’s easy to throw them around to make yourself look good, but do you really know what they mean, or which ones are important to your needs?

I can help you to make sense of it all, explain what they mean, and determine the right solutions for your projects. Drop me a lne and we can get at it ASAP!