Other Work

So, what else can I do?

The best part of being a developer is that the same skills honed in one project can be applied to another. Whether it be programming, graphical, interface layout or a well-developed sense of timing, these are all transferable to other programs and tools. This allows me to provide you the best solution to meet your needs.

But just as important are two other traits:

  • a dedication to quality
  • a dedication to continual learning
I want to ensure that everything is solidly built. So I research possible solutions to understand their capabilities and limitations. This could include books, forums or other online resources and playing with demo versions.

Testing then becomes important to check:

  • the “what if” scenarios
  • cross-browser, cross-platform delivery
  • compatibility with other code
Once I’m sure that we have the right solution, I can then draw on my experience to realize the full potential that it can bring to your project.

A good tool set is one that is constantly growing.

Scroll through the examples below for specifics on the various other work that I’ve been involved with. Click on the thumbnail to view larger screen shots.


No two projects are the same — technologies evolve, end goals change and target user bases can be completely different even within the same industry or demographic. So a solution that worked in the past may no longer be the best choice now.

What becomes important is the ability to grow and adapt existing skills to the new requirements:

My varied experiences give me that ability to grow. Programming skills in one language are applicable to multiple languages. Familiarity with one code library or Application Programming Interface (API) makes the next one that much easier to learn. Knowledge of terms and processes used in one industry makes it easy to find typos and errors in another.

If you have a need or situation that calls for a specific solution, let’s discuss how my experience can meet that need.