Web Sites

Everyone needs a web site. But a poorly-organized site is not doing you any good.

People are looking for details about you:

  • location
  • hours
  • products
  • history
  • contact information

to name just a few. But once they’ve found your site, are they finding the info that they came for?

I can help you to make it easy for your customers by:

  • prioritizing and highlighting the important info
  • grouping your content into logical sections
  • building an intuitive navigation

Your web site is often the first impression they will have of you — make it a good one!

Scroll through the examples below for specifics on the various web site projects that I’ve been involved with. Click on the thumbnail to view larger screen shots.

CMS or Not?

All web sites require ongoing maintenance to stay relevant. A site with old info is of limited use to your customers and reflects poorly on your company.

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to maintain and update your web site yourself. If you have frequent content changes, news stories or other timely info, a CMS makes it easy to keep your site current. Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla! are three of the top CMSes in use today and a Flash-based CMS is also available. They are as easy to learn and use as a word processor.

However, it requires dedication to maintain the content yourself. You need to commit yourself to reviewing your site regularly to ensure that out-dated information is removed or replaced.

We can discuss if your site would benefit from a CMS and then design the content based on that decision. I can also train you and your employees on how to use the CMS.